Visitor visa: We assist in getting tourist visa's to countries like Canada,USA,UK, Australia,New Zealand and other european countries. By our hard work and dedication our success rate in getting visitor visa is very high.Panicker Associates has particular expertise in all areas related to Canadian,UK,Australia,newzealand and USA immigration matters and provides representation and advice to persons who are looking to obtain a visa and enter Canada,UK,USA,newzealand and Australia on a permanent or temporary basis. Panicker Associates is focused on getting clients these places in the shortest possible time through variety of avenues, including finding work. We are highly attentive and committed to providing a common sense, skilled approach to problem solving. Panicker 


Panicker Associates

We provides legal assistance to various issues related to immigration and non immigration matters such as work permits, tourist visa, medical visa, business visa etc for foreign nationals coming into India and finding out relocation for Indian aspirants vice-a-verse for Indians.

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    Immigration to another country may be the most crucial decision of a person’s life. Getting settled in a new country may require you to face some initial challenges and an expert advice will make all the difference between success and failure. It is very important to follow the immigration procedure accurately

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    Want to visit foreign places and don’t know how to get the visa, then come to us and we will assist you in whole of the visa procedure.

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Land of opportunities The most favoured destination for everyone who wishes to immigrate for better quality of life for himself and his family and his future generations, as well. There is no

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Canada, the worlds second largest country, is a land of immense opportunities. Canada needs young, dynamic and well-educated skilled workers. It is a knowledge-basedeconomy, Seeking Skilled Workers

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Australia is often referred to as the lucky country with temperate climate, impressive landscape, growing economy, political stability and a quality of life envied by many. Australia is known aroun

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New Zealand

New Zealand, an enchanting island of immense & unsurpassed natural beauty offers First-World living standards, which are at par with the other developed countries. New Zealand has abundant beau

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One of the worlds ultimate destinations, United Kingdom has so much to offer. With a rich cultural history and a stable economy, UK is increasingly becoming a coveted country for people wanting to

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The action of coming to immigration-live permanently in a foreign country.Different types of visas are Study Visa,PR Visa,Business Visa,Business Visa, family visa andSpecial Class
1. Cultural

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